Pick Your Own Cherries!

Pick-Your-Own SWEET CHERRIES & SOUR CHERRIES at 20 Valley Harvest Farms!

We are closed for the 2018 season and will re-open around July 2019.  Please check back for updates as opening dates vary each year.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit our farm! 

Opening dates and crop ripening dates vary year-by-year, depending on Mother Nature’s weather conditions.  

Sweet cherries are usually available for 2-3 weeks. Sour cherries are usually available for 3 weeks, once they ripen.  

Our sour cherries are Montmorency variety. They are different (less sour) than the Morello variety of sour cherries, which are grown in Persia. Our sour cherries are featured in the photo above on the right.

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Hours During Cherry Season:


Monday-Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 8am-7pm
Sunday 8am-6pm

Regular Prices:

Sweet Cherries BEFORE 10% Savings**:

7L Basket: $32.50
4L Basket: $25
3L Basket: $18.50

Sour Cherries BEFORE 10% Savings**:

7L Basket: $25
4L Basket: $18.50
3L Basket: $15

*Cash Only*

Cherries will be transferred to a bag or your own containers. Extra $2 charge to keep the basket. We encourage reduce, reuse, recycle!

Other Information:

Cash only. USD accepted at par.

No Admission Fee but there is a minimum purchase of $5/adult and $3/child. Simply purchase a basket size that meets (at least) the minimum purchase requirements for the number of people in your party. The 3L basket size will cover the minimum purchase for 2 adults and 2 children.

With over 1000 trees to choose from, there are ample cherries for everyone!

Pick-your-own and ready picked sweet cherries and sour cherries are available in season!

Ample parking available for buses from Monday to Saturday.

Dogs on a leash with their owner are allowed in the parking lot & at the picnic tables. Dogs are not allowed in the orchard. 

We only have port-a-potties (with sinks for washing hands), so we recommend stopping to use the washroom before you visit the farm

The best way to store cherries is unwashed in the refrigerator. Wash cherries right before you eat them, but not before you store them, as washing affects the natural cuticle of the cherry skin and will cause them to spoil faster.

Please check frequently for updates during the harvest season!

Contact us for more information.


Located in Twenty Valley, we are a short distance away from Niagara Falls and a few minutes from the historic Jordan Village.  We’re only 2 Km off the QEW!

Pick-Your-Own Sweet Cherries & Sour Cherries

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4235 15th Street,
Jordan Station, Ontario L0R 1S0

GPS Coordinates:  43.1683153, -79.3499994

(Some GPS and map programs may have the town listed as Lincoln, Ontario)

**Cannot combine discounts. Only one per person.

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