Pick Your Own Cherries!

Important information regarding COVID-19:

We’re implementing some policies to keep us all safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Please read below BEFORE coming to the farm.  

  • Please do not visit the farm if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someoyne who had symptoms
  • All guests must wear masks while on the farm and maintain physical distance from staff and other guests. PLEASE BRING A MASK
  • Upon arrival, in order to maintain social distance while at the market tent, we ask that you minimize the number of people who approach the tent.  If you have a large group of people, please have some members of your group wait in their car.  Please do not leave children unattended in your car. 
  • Seniors and those with compromised immune systems are encouraged to come early on weekends, or on weekdays, when the farm is less busy
  • Orders for pre-picked sour cherries can be place by email at 20valleyharvest@gmail.com.  48 hour notice is required.  We will notify you when/if your order is available.  We will also have pre-picked available at the fruitstand
  • We are not able to accommodate buses this year
  • Please use a washroom before visiting the farm.  We do not have washrooms available.  The closest public washroom is 10 minutes away
  • Please read the general Farm Policies below for further information on how to stay safe on the farm

We appreciate your support in keeping each other and our loved ones safe!

We are sold out of everything and our farm is closed for the season

Our pick-your-own is now closed for the season


Pre-Picked Prices:

7L Basket: $38
4L Basket: $30
3L Basket: $22
1.5L Basket: $13

We do not have washrooms available this year.  The closest public washroom is 10 minutes away. Please visit a washroom before visiting the farm.

Update July 18 afternoon:

Our sour cherry orchard is now closed for the season to protect our trees

We have had more visitors than usual this year and trees have been damaged.

Please check back frequently for updates on picking conditions

Our sour cherries are Montmorency variety. They are different (less sour) than the Morello variety of sour cherries, which are grown in Persia. Our sour cherries are featured in the photo above on the right.

Try our local honey, maple syrup, jam, juice, and yummy treats!

Regular Pick-Your-Own Prices:

Sweet Cherries

7L Basket: $33.50
4L Basket: $25
3L Basket: $19

Sour Cherries

7L Basket: $28
4L Basket: $20
3L Basket: $16

Extra $2 charge for the basket has been reduced to $1, since we can no longer allow guests to bring their own baskets due to COVID-19.  You keep the basket. 

We’re all in this together!  Let’s help everyone stay safe!

Other Information:

Cash, Email money transfer, and debit ($1 fee) accepted. USD accepted at par.

No Admission Fee but there is a minimum purchase of $5/adult/teen/child over 3 years old. Simply purchase a basket size that meets (at least) the minimum purchase requirements for the number of people in your party.

With over 1000 trees to choose from, there are ample cherries for everyone!

Pick-your-own and ready picked sweet cherries and sour cherries are available in season!

Dogs on a leash with their owner are allowed in the parking lot & at the picnic tables. Dogs are not allowed in the orchard. 

We recommend stopping to use the washroom before you visit the farm. We do not have washrooms available to the public this year.

The best way to store cherries is unwashed in the refrigerator. Wash cherries right before you eat them, but not before you store them, as washing affects the natural cuticle of the cherry skin and will cause them to spoil faster.

Farm Policies 
  • No refunds
  • No harming trees
  • No climbing trees
  • No excessive sampling of fruit
  • No bags or coolers or containers in the orchard. Please only pick into our baskets while in the orchard.
  • No chairs or blankets in the orchard
  • No food in the orchard
  • No using ladders or step stools
  • No dogs in the orchard. Dogs are allowed in the parking lot and at the picnic tables
  • Please stay in designated areas
  • Children of all ages are welcome!
  • Attendance at these farms is entirely at your own risk.  These are working farms with many potential hazards.  Please watch your children.
  • Farm owners, farm personnel, employees and volunteers are not responsible for any loss, damages or injury sustained by any person attending the farms, however caused.

**Cannot combine discounts. Only one per person.


Located in Twenty Valley, we are a short distance away from Niagara Falls and a few minutes from the historic Jordan Village. Conveniently located near Toronto and the GTA.  We’re about 1.5 hours from downtown Toronto, and only 2 Km off the QEW!

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4235 15th Street,
Jordan Station, Ontario L0R 1S0

GPS Coordinates:  43.1683153, -79.3499994

(Some GPS and map programs may have the town listed as Lincoln, Ontario)

**Cannot combine discounts. Only one per person.

Covid-19 Important Information (click here)

PLEASE READ important Covid-19 information before planning your trip. Click for details: http://20valleyharvest.com/pick-your-own/