How to Pit Cherries

How To Pit Cherries

Good news! We sell cherry hand pitters at the farm!

Looking for a way to pit cherries without a store-bought pitter? Here we share some videos to help you prep your cherries with ease at home.

Check out Nutrition Bites’ blog post about which one worked best in a real kitchen test trial.

Bottle & Chopstick Method

Paperclip Method

Make your Own Cherry Pitter from a Fork (For the handyman/woman, not kid safe)

Store Bought Cherry Pitter

Product review of the Starfrit Cherry Pitter 

Cherry Recipes


Cheery Cherry Harvest Vinaigrette

instagram cherry dressing photo

A cheerful alternative to raspberry vinaigrette using cherries! 

Cherry Pie Oat Squares

A great way to take cherry pie to a picnic without the plates.  

This vegan dessert uses nature’s natural flavours and sweetness to highlight the Canadian cherry taste with a mingling of maple.

Cherry Wine Sauce & BBQ Glaze

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